Why Sustainable Development Matters

Nearly two years ago, all member states of the United Nations agreed and inaugurated a new draft of goals for the world: the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The Millennium Development era was over, and the ratification of the UN 2030 Agenda promised to end poverty, to guarantee access to quality education, reduce gender inequalities, and to promote inclusive societies whilst reducing climate change, preserving both land and marine ecosystems, among many other, equally important goals. All within 15 years.

Every goal and everyone is interplaited: regional climate change can affect crop yields and water supply, leading to food & water insecurities - driving migration, limiting resources, and inducing conflict. Conflicts historically reduce social mobility and infrastructure, diminishes educational attainment, contracts work and economic growth, thereby both influencing and perpetuating poverty traps, as well as creating both ecological and arable land injuries, contributing to a wide myriad of negative externalities.

Nearly a web can be drawn starting and ending with any failure of the 17 SDGs, as any SDG can be intersectionally bisected through the failure of another, bound only by the imagination.

The time is now to consider what impact we can create, what wave of momentum to positively influence and move towards the direction of achieving all 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

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