Asset Procurement Group


Amid the fogbound strata of data structures to the banks of unvalidated instruments & meaningless surveys, meritorious data is widely available, yet we remain befuddled at the poor & unethical quality of data (statistical or otherwise) that is routinely utilized by IGOs, NGOs, governments & agencies, erroneously leveraging data to best fit needs. 

In global health & development, the endless barrage of executive reports and summaries are impractical to stakeholders if therein exists undependable and invalidated measures and claims. Unfortunately, even the most regaled bastions of academia have difficulty reproducing published scientific outcomes when all variables are held constant.

Further, when the data is verifiably reliable and valid, there still exists a gap of universal agreement among professional peer groups, further obscuring understanding for the general public and key stakeholders. This misunderstanding is often due to poor visualization of data, and confusing industry jargon ill-suited to a particular audience.


We intend to close this gap through enhanced literacy and visualization techniques that will capture accurate and precise comprehension of a given data set with vivid clarity, giving specified stakeholders a clear lens into any given issue.

From data, to asset. 



APG Philosophy 

Our philosophy is simple, we save you critical time & labor by determining the best data or instrument for your needs and objectives, as well as prudent analysis and reporting. This ensures that your team stays focused on what it does best, while we handle the grunt work. 

Either an executive summary or agency report - we know that your data becomes your greatest asset. To compel or contrast, or to repel or compare; your data must be clean, ethical, precise and accurate. 

We are the rapid catalyst that churns open & closed source information into actionable intelligence, rapidly morphing raw data into assets.

Our team of consulting researchers have have an assorted array of data management expertise ranging from strategic consulting to medicine, diagnostic laboratory sciences and clinical research, to biomedical research, surgery, epidemiology, statistics and coding, program development and architecture, program m&e, grant writing, resource mobilization and innovative funding, private / public partnership & multistakeholder capacity building, copy editing, proposal drafting, patent navigation, refugee law, human rights, and much more. Our spectra of expert advisors and fellows guarantees a confluence of jargon and esoteric language skills, met with our empathetic treatments to deliver vivid reporting and visuals.

Validated, clean, accurate data; presented in precise, clear and elegant language with visual constructs.

Let our deliverables become your greatest asset.


The cerebral engine at APG is an assorted array of quantitative and qualitative specialists with a development lens - churning big data into clean data, for the global good. Our team is proudly augmented by the vast expertise and experiences of stakeholders, refugees, victims, and survivors. 

Asset Procurement Group is a woman-founded organization in New York, though our greatest "asset" will always remain our richly diverse and empathetic human and intellectual capital, which is dispersed internationally, ready for your needs in every working UN language (Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian, Spanish), and then some.  

From grant writing and fundraising, to refugee health program design and statistical analysis. 


Clear. Elegant. Precise. Accurate.


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.